Mariner Pezza
Vice President and Co-Founder, Technical Director

Mariner Pezza is one of the founders of Crystal Theatre Inc.  His background in business and engineering proved useful at CT’s inception by advising and guiding all through the non-profit status and the City Lease process.  Later he marshaled the resources of the community to renovate the derelict Ben Franklin Auditorium into the beautiful Crystal Theatre of today.

            In the late 90’s, Mariner retired from the construction business to pursue other endeavors, including the fine art of painting, claiming a kinship to his natural born trade – masonry.  Being the resident videographer and photographer, the stage of CT provided a target rich environment for his art.  His paintings adorn the walls of the theater and currently The Mayors Gallery at Norwalk City Hall.

            Having been pulled into the creative mix at CT, Mariner began writing musical plays with Cheryl Kemeny, wife and fellow founder, in early 2000 with Cosmic Nightingale, followed by The Burning of Norwalk, Revolution – 1777, and Hungarian Nights- which is currently in development.  Through Crystal Theatre Publishing, these plays grace stages around the world.  He is currently writing a Japanese play and his artwork can be seen on his website -  MarinerPezza Fine